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I’ll be away 3 weeks starting today. Recovering in a rehab center. I’m so excited!!! I hope there are nice people my age, too. (=゚ω゚)ノ wwwww (It’s my first time in a rehab center.)

The rehab center provides internet but their fee for 3 weeks internet is unbelievable expensive. I might use the internet once a week, so see you guys around. Stay save and enjoy the last days of this year’s half-assed summer somehow! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I left you guys loads of Haikyuu!! stuff, enjoy. Muhahaha.

"That hurt, you idiot!"
"I’m driving some spirit into you!"

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oikawa u lil’ shit

Sugawara Koushi ☆ Haikyuu!! ☆ Episode 22



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Kono koi wa oboreru yoru no mahou vol. 1 CM (short ver.)

EM2 Record has announced another new series! This was originally the “Anata ga ningyou de koisuru CD” that they announced some time back, but they changed the title. This series is R-18. Please use your earphones/headphones for this CM!! It was a stormy evening. You were going to bed when suddenly a little fish appears in front of you. The fish tells you that you are a mermaid princess (or the little mermaid), and that if you do not become one with the prince, you will dissolve into foam and disappear. After it speaks, a sparkly light surrounds the fish, and changes it into the figure of a man… 

CV: あさぎ夕 (Suzuki Yuuto)
Date of release: 24 September 2014
Preorder: Amazon JP, Stellaworth

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Was there any particular scene that left an impact or was difficult for you to do?

(without even taking a breath to think about it)
The kissing scene!  This is my first time doing this kind of drama CD, you see. And during the kiss scene I was doing various things that had me going “chu chu chu chu”  I was extremely nervous and my face was bright red. It was very embarrassing LOLOL.


Asker harunafuu Asks:
What kind of gifts would the Karasuno boys + Ukai + Takeda get their significant other on White Day and on their birthday?
harunafuu harunafuu Said:


Daichi and Sugawara would give their partner some homemade treats like cookies or biscuits for White Day. For their birthday, Sugawara would buy them a scarf to match with his and Daichi would buy them a necklace or bracelet.

Asahi and Yamaguchi would give their partner an earring or little trinket, Asahi might even buy them some really cute looking hair ties/clips. For their birthday, Asahi would buy his partner some cool/cute looking stationery supplies while Yamaguchi would get his partner some clothes that fit their taste.

HinataNishinoya, and Tanaka would give their partner a gigantic stuff toy for White Day. When it’s their partner’s birthday Hinata would give them a neat looking bag, while Nishinoya and Tanaka would get their partner a rad ring/ear clip.

Kageyama and Tsukishima would give their partners a small but simple phone charm on White Day. As for their birthday, Kageyama would get them a hoodie while Tsukishima would give his partner a music box.

Ukai and Takeda would just bring their partner out on a really fancy dinner date on White Day. For their birthday, Ukai would give his partner some shoes. As for Takeda he would buy his partner a mug with something really sweet written on it.


Voice Feature Act #55: Ishikawa Kaito (from Pash! August 2013)

Q&A translation:

1. What do you think of, when you hear the word summer ? Mosquito coil.

2. You’ve just spotted a shooting star ! What do you wish for ? Come on more shooting star

3. Your favorite place ? The sofa in the japanese-style room.

4. If you were to become a power ranger, which color do you want to be ? Which technique do you want ? Blue. Something like “Hyado”

5. Your favorite motto ? Strike while the iron is hot / Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

6. Something you always walk around with ? Propolis

7. Your ideal type ? Can you give a talent as an example ? Maki Horikita

8. Your nickname when you were little ? Kaijin

9. Place you wash first in the shower ? Left arm

10. Something you failed at recently ? The size of a shirt I bought was too small even though I tried it before.

11. If you had a week’s worth of time off, what would you do ? A trip to Okinawa

12. If you were to be reborn, what do you want to be ? Teacher

13. Your treasure ? My first iPod which I received from my father.

14. Any fetishes ? Feet

15. Favorite color ? Blue

16. A book you want to recommend ? Captain America

Thanks to: Juriakimizu for letting me using her pic, (you can find the others pics here,),Yumena-koeota for helping me to translate it, and emii-suterii for checking.