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  • Nobunaga: I forgot where, but apparently men can get pregnant too. I heard that a man got pregnant in an experiment somewhere.
  • Yonaga: Then why don't you go try it out, Nobunaga-kun?
  • Nobunaga: !?
  • Yonaga: www During recording sessions, we'll see your belly get bigger and bigger. Then when we ask you, "Nobunaga-kun, whose baby is that?" answer that it's Tatsu's baby, okay?
  • Nobunaga: But that would just be me saying it, it wouldn't actually be his baby.
  • Yonaga: Just say that the baby is Tatsu's. Then say "Tatsu-san, please make me an honest man." www
  • Nobunaga: A DNA report would tell the truth.
  • Yonaga: Who would you want as the father, Nobunaga-kun? Whose baby would you want among the FREE! members?
  • Nobunaga: Ehhh, whose child…?
  • Yonaga: Yeah, whose genes do you want to pass on to the next generation?
  • Nobunaga: Oh, the next generation? In that case it has to be--
  • Nobunaga: Tsuda-san is great too but… I think everyone in FREE! are wonderful people. I think everyone's genes should be passed on to the next generation. So I'll have everyone's babies.
  • Yonaga: wwwwwwww
  • Nobunaga: I'll bear everyone's babies. Just leave it to me.
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Asker mioboe Asks:
Hello! I'm so happy that there are more imagine HQ blogs!!! I hope the best for you all! =D ~~~ How would the Karasuno guys (including Ennoshita) react to their love interest giving them friendship chocolates on Valentine's day?
harunafuu harunafuu Said:


(Thank you for your wishes and the ask! uwu And thank you so much for liking our posts regularly! It’s an honor to have you as a follower.(*´▽`*)And this prompt is kinda angsty, but I like that (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) Sorry that it got a lot longer [1.7k words, ahaha] than it expected but I don’t think you mind at all, right?)

Sawamura: Sawamura was no stranger to getting chocolates on Valentine’s Day (but probably not to Tsukishima’s extent). Normally he’d be very polite about it, accepting their gifts and occasionally snacking on them as treats at home but otherwise, he wouldn’t think much of them. When you turned up, however, he felt his heart skipping a beat whenever he saw you, secretly hoping that you would actually offer him chocolates during the one occasion where he would always receive some.

On the day itself, you offered him a huge box of chocolates, extravagantly wrapped with equally luxurious treats within. He wanted to thank you, to let you know that he was touched that you bothered to buy such expensive chocolates for him… only to hear you say that “it’s for everyone on the team”. It wasn’t specially bought for him. It was for the whole of the Karasuno team.

"Well, I didn’t know who else to give it to. Takeda-sensei’s not at his table so as the captain… I figured you were the next best choice."

Sawamura knew that he was probably nothing to you but he manages a smile, thanking you on the behalf of the team before he leaves. What you didn’t know was that his smile immediately disappears the moment he turned his back against you, his heart still aching.

Sugawara: Sugawara was pleased to receive chocolate, especially since it was from you. But he didn’t understand the meaning behind the chocolate, not until he opened it up and read the note that you have written for him.

"Happy Valentine’s Day, Sugawara-senpai!" It said. You gave him a grin, not realizing that his smile dropped almost immediately upon reading the next line.

"I hope that we remain friends even after you graduate." Friends, huh. He certainly wasn’t expecting that, forcing himself to smile again before he thanks you. Maybe the both of you just weren’t meant to be. But it’s not like he could change anything, either; ultimately, he just wanted you to be happy… regardless of who you choose as your partner in the future.

Azumane: He was almost sure that you wouldn’t give him anything for Valentine’s Day because of the rumors that surrounded him… and also because you two weren’t particularly close to begin with. But he was shocked when he sees your familiar face peeking through the classroom door, smiling briefly (and slightly embarrassed) in his direction.

"Uh, this may sound weird, but have you received any chocolate yet?"

Azumane shakes his head, feeling a warm, happy feeling spreading within him in anticipation. Were you about to offer him chocolate? If yes, then that’d be a first, and he’d be more than happy to accept it.

You grinned, relieved when he said that, placing a nicely packed chocolate in his hands. “I’m glad,” was your response, then you continued, “because he didn’t come to school today, so I thought maybe you could use some chocolate…”

Ah, so he wasn’t the first choice… He felt something akin to a stabbing pain in his heart, forcing himself to smile nevertheless before he thanks you for thinking of him. Maybe, he thought, maybe he just needed to make the first move the next time to prevent something like this from happening again.

Nishinoya: Nishinoya was the only one who tried to be unique that day, bringing along a box of chocolate and hoping that he would be able to give it to you alone today, just the both of you; so when you called him up to the rooftop, he was ecstatic, gushing to Tanaka and hoping that everything would go smoothly.

By the time he reached the meeting location, he bows down, offering you a box of chocolates too and you smiled, happy and surprised to receive some treats in return for giving out many boxes today. As compared to the quality of his chocolates, however, yours were just… plain. His was something that someone would offer to their lover, their significant other, but yours was something made last minute, distributed to friends just for the fun and the sake of it.

He didn’t know how to respond when you handed him the simple-looking box, only smiling wistfully as he took it and thanked you. It was heartbreaking to realize that you didn’t return his feelings, hoping that your chocolates would somehow, one way or another, cure the painful, stabbing feeling in his heart. Things decided to not go his way that day… and in the worst way possible.

Tanaka: He was so used to getting ignored by Kiyoko and you that the moment you two showed him any form of attention or affection, no matter how minute, made him fall for the both of you all over again. During Valentine’s this year, you decided to make chocolates for the whole team despite the fact that you were afraid that Tanaka might get the wrong idea. But maybe if he knew that it was just friendship chocolate…

On the day itself, you brought chocolates out for everyone, handing Tanaka one but deliberately avoiding his gaze (and inside was a card that stated blatantly, “we’re just friends, nothing more”). He was touched by your actions still, almost on the verge of tears (of joy). Even if you don’t return his feelings, even if you only gave him a share because you made chocolates for everyone else on the team, it was still something, and he was grateful for that.

Kageyama: Having constantly been ridiculed and given a derogatory nickname by his ex-teammates from Kitagawa Daiichi, he had expected the same thing to happen when he entered Karasuno… except that you, as one of the managers of the team, had showered them with utmost love and care. You taught him how to play properly with teammates, and that volleyball isn’t something that you can do alone… that it is a team sport. The amount of time you spent with him made him realize how much you meant to him, and he knew instantly that you were the one he wanted to be with. 

Valentine’s Day came soon enough, and Kageyama fidgeted nervously when he saw you at the corridor, waving in his direction with a beautiful box, neatly wrapped and tied, in your hands. He was touched, wanting to say something when you simply ran past him and to the male standing some distance behind him. Your heart wasn’t his, it was someone else’s, and he realized it the hard way when he saw your broken expression the moment your chocolate got rejected. Your tear-stricken face hurt him as well and he offers you a brief, comforting smile before you reached over to place the box in his hands.


It wasn’t meant for him, but he takes what he can get. If you weren’t his for now, he’d just have to make sure that he tries harder in the future… because he sworn to himself that the both of you would eventually be together, no matter what. 

Hinata: Hinata smiled happily to himself (albeit extremely nervously) when you offered him a box of chocolates. To him, chocolates were chocolates, and they served as a really good snack. As much as he would love to get something with more sentimental value and thought placed into them, this would suffice for now.

You never noticed his feelings for you, his affections, he realized, but he was just glad that he even got a gift from you. To him, this was the first step in deepening your relationship, and he would work even harder to ensure that you two go beyond just the status of friends. But before everything else, he’d need to start getting rid of his jittery issues around you, otherwise he would never be able to relax whenever the both of you met.

Tsukishima: He is not the type to hope for Valentine’s chocolate or to even celebrate the occasion, but when he met you, everything changed. During the upcoming Valentine’s Day, the only girl he wanted chocolate from was you and in a way, his wish came true, except probably not entirely and exactly what he had wished for.

It was a plain-looking box, with no decorations or ribbon whatsoever. You placed it on his hands with a smile, urging him to open it. In it was just an assorted array of chocolates; nothing fancy, nothing special, just ordinary chocolate with a multitude of flavors. He looked confused for a moment before he realized that you were already gone, heading towards another of your male classmate with the same, plain box. You had prepared chocolates for everyone, and the one person you reserved the most beautiful box for wasn’t him, but someone else.

Tsukishima grits his teeth, in anger and frustration before he leaves the corridor hastily, not wanting to know which guy had captured your heart before he did.

Yamaguchi: You were one of the first and only girl to have ever given him chocolate in his whole life and he felt blissful, happy to have received something this precious from his all-time crush. But he noticed that in the large bag that you were carrying were several other packages that were similarly wrapped like his… except for one that was intricately decorated.

That was when he realized what those chocolates meant. It was simply chocolate given between friends and he smiles sadly at that thought. It has always been like that - girls have always seen him as nothing more than a friend, and even when they noticed him, it was only because he always hangs around Tsukishima. He could only mumble a weak “thanks” before going away, telling himself that he should be glad that he even received chocolates from you because usually, he’d receive nothing.

Ennoshita: He was never the one to bother with this whole chocolate business, so when you approached him with a suspicious-looking box, he only raised a brow, hoping inwardly that it is indeed what he assumed was inside. 

Ennoshita was pleasantly surprised to find that it is chocolate, although disappointment soon followed after when you openly stated that this was a gift from you to him for being such a good friend in your time of need. He only offers you a brief smile, waving to you before you left for class, then he sighs to himself. Soon, he thought, soon he’d have to confess because otherwise, your relationship will never move on. You two would forever be friends, not the lover status that he wanted and craved for… but at the very least this is one step forward, and he plans to take it even further. 


Haikyuu!! 3DS game feat. Karasuno seiyuu cast


about the new wasurenagusa!

as to why our darling kondo-san and hijikata-san aren’t there /sobs

as said in the recent blog update, hiyokuroku is a different development from kekkonroku, based on “if, at that time, i could have been with you”

so think of it as a separate route,…

An alternate ending?!?!! I’m interested in how they’ll change Shinpachi’s CD………………………. ( ゚д゚)


Ishikawa Kaito’s 50 Q&A translation:

01. Please tell us what made you want to become a seiyuu.
In high school I was in the theater club and at first I wanted to become an actor. At this time, I liked both anime and movies, so I wanted to do a job which was involved in the two of them; then I chose the seiyuu path.

02.Your anime debut was in ?
« Ano Natsu de Matteru » as student B.

 03.Which characters you have played until now, left you a deep impression ?
Sakurazaka Kouhei, Ledo, Souda Manatsu, Matatagi Hayato, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, Saitou Mao, Tsuchimikado Harutora, Kihara Tsumugu, Logix Fiscario, Fuikui Kensuke, You Shunshin, Ignacio Axis, Charlemagne, Kajiya Aoi, Kageyama Tobio.

 04.Among all the characters you performed, which one have a part which ressemble you ?
When I think about it, my entourage says I resemble to Tobio.

 05.Among all the roles you played, please tell us a scene that give you the strongest impression.
What give me a strong impression is when the character doesn’t express his feelings but try to convey his thoughts anyway.

 06.Please tell us about a “failure” or “impressive” episode during a recording session.
When I surprised my entourage by hitting my chest to relieve my stress, I thought that I made a mistake.

 07.Do you have a rival among the seiyuu ?
My greatest rival is myself.

 08.If you weren’t seiyuu, what do you think you’d do ?
I have never thought about this but I think I’d do something related to drama/theater after all.

 09. What is the biggest difficulty, since you’ve become seiyuu?
It’s to take care of my physical condition, since I don’t originally have a strong constitution.

 10.What is the most enjoyable thing since you’ve become seiyuu?
The first time I received fan letters, I realized that my play reached these people and I was really happy. As from now, it hasn’t changed.

 11.Do you like singing ? Among all the songs you sang until now, is there one that left you a deep impression?
I like singing. But this is not my strong point.

 12. Among all the radio show you’ve done, do you have any letter which left you a strong impression?
The opinions about my performances leave me a strong impression.

 13.Is there something you pay attention to when you’re acting ?
I pay attention at the fact that the person “Ishikawa Kaito” is hidden; but this is quite difficult.

 14.Which kind of role do you play the best?
I don’t even know myself, but it’d be great if I find out about it.

 15.Tell us your goal and dream as seiyuu.
I wish I could play a key character which is the center of the story. I hope I could become an actor who has a persuasive power even when I breathe.

 16. For the people who are aiming to become seiyuu, could you give them an advice?
I still have to do efforts in order to become a proper seiyuu and actor so I’d like to keep thinking over a way to get better.

 17.Is there any anime that you like to watch, except the ones you have a role in ?
I watched “Card captor Sakura”. I have the Blu-Ray boxes. These past years, I try to watch it as much as possible when it’s aired.

 18. Since the previous question was about anime, is there any role you admire, in those you played ?
I admire role which have presence

 19. When you see anime as an audience, which kind of anime do you like?
I try to watch all kind of anime but I like anime that are focused on characters.

 20.What kind of child were you ?
A child who played in the water even in winter.

21.Television program you watch.
« Hiru obi! » « Houdou Station » « The! Tetsuwan! DASH!! » « Getsuyou Kara Youfukashi » « Matsuko & Ariyoshi no Ikari Shintou »

 22.Your most favorite book.
« Yotsubato! » « Azumanga Daioh » « To LOVE-ru »

 23.Your most favorite game.
I don’t really play game but « Monster Hunter » is the one I tend to play the most.

 24. Your most favorite movie.
« Pirate of Caribbean » « Les Misérables » « Captain America »

 25. Your most favorite singer.
Ken Hirai.

 26. Your favourite motto.
« Doing my best ever, putting all my spirit in it »

 27.Sports you have practiced so far.
Baseball, swimming, tennis, gymnastic, winter sports, and boxing.

 28.Song you sing the most when you go to karaoke.
« Chiisana Koi no Uta »

 29.Your favorite food.
Chocolate, natto, cooked vegetables, meat.

 30.Food you dislike.
Tomato, raw vegetables, fruits, tomato, pickled dishes, tomato.

 31.Stores you often visit.
I often go to the electronic retail store.

 32.Do you have any favorite sweets ?
Chocolate !!

 33.Do you drink alcohol ?  If so, which alcohol do you like ?
Yes, I do. I like Sake and Whisky. But I have a weak alcohol tolerance.

 34.What have you done on your last day off ?

 35.If you had one week of holiday, what would you do ?
I’d go on a trip. Saitama in spring, Okinawa in summer, Kyoto in autumn, and Nagano in winter.

 36.Are you into a hobby lately ?
I bought a camera, so I constantly spend my time taking pictures.

 37.Qualifications you have.
Driver’s license, MOS (Microsoft Office specialist) for Excel.

 38.What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years ?
I want to get better at singing.

 39.Your type of woman?
I’m attracted to short-haired and active person.

 40.Which part of the opposite sex do you pay attention to the most ?
Eyes and feet

 41.Among all the stuff you’ve bought recently, which one was the most expensive ?
I bought a shredder.

 42.What is the thing you want the most ?
Reading comprehension, quick-functioning brain and a strong throat.

 43.If you were on a deserted island, what would you bring ?
A strong spirit.

 44.If you had 1 million yen that you can freely spend, what would you do ?
I’d buy a bicycle and a camera lens, go on a trip. Go to a voice training program.

 45.What is your habit every day ?
I put in my right pocket the pen I got for my birthday.

 46. A message to your fans.
I’ll put all my spirit in the characters I’ll be acting, so please treat me well from now on.

 47. What is your best memory with Hanae who was interviewed the last time?
When Hanae got his first lead role, and when it was announced that we were going to appear together, we were really happy about it.

 48. (It’s a question from Hanae who was interviewed the last time.) What is the funniest word according to you Kaito?
Hanae Natsuki.

 49.Seiyuu you are close to.
Ohsaka Ryota, Hanae Natsuki, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Sugita Tomokazu, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kimura Ryohei, Uchida Yuuma, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Ono Kenshou, Eguchi Takuya, Hiroki Yasumoto, Katsuyuki Konishi, Murase Ayumu, Kenji Akabane, Ono Yuuki, Shimono Hiro, Yusa Koji, Takahashi Shinya, Yamamoto Itaru.

 50.Give a question to the next seiyuu who’s coming.(Ohsaka Ryota) What do you wear when you sleep? Do you wear clothes?

Thanks to yumena-koeota & emii-suterii for helping as always !

Asker mimby Asks:
Should I watch haikyuu
harunafuu harunafuu Said:



























































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Asker Anonymous Asks:
scenario, feelings, and actions for sugawara and his girlfriend's first kiss/makeout?
harunafuu harunafuu Said:


Similar ask answered here! Although it doesn’t say much about what he did or how he felt.

I imagine that Sugawara is the type who has kisses that slowly build up as time passes. He starts off really gentle, his hands staying on his partner’s waist. Then after awhile his hands would start wandering towards his partner’s back/legs and his kisses would start becoming more forceful. Once things start to heat up, he would start kissing really roughly and he might start pulling at his partner’s clothes and tugging their hair.